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Vestal Elk's Lodge

Organizations like the Elk's Lodge and other fraternal groups usually don't have huge budgets or excess cash waiting around to fund things like expansion projects or new constructions. The Vestal Elk's Lodge was no exception; they desperately needed a newer, bigger facility. However, affordability both from an initial cost standpoint and from a long-term standpoint was a high priority, and one of the many reasons that they turned to insulated concrete forms (ICF's).
John Gardner, who is a member of Lodge #2508 and has served as Construction Manager for the project, realized that ICFs are easy to build with. The crew had no problems with constructing both, the below-grade and above-grade walls because of the lightweight nature of the blocks. Using the versatile ICF components, John and his team were able to integrate the walk-in freezer with the outside walls and the interior bar. This provided bartenders with access to the cooler from the bar area through convenient sliding cooler doors and also conferred the ability to stock the shelves from inside. They took advantage of both the benefits - energy efficiency and design versatility.
Their new building is about three times the size of the old one, which has allowed members to take advantage of the space with more meetings, parties, and events than ever before. Considering the size, and usage of the facility, the lower operating costs, due to the energy-efficient concrete walls, has been a major benefit.
With the increased activities at the Lodge, Elk's leaders were worried that noise levels, which in the past posed some problems with a few neighbors, might get worse. However, having solid concrete walls basically soundproofs the building. So the folks bellied up to the bar are not bothered by the noise from the adjacent highway traffic, and when the band inside kicks it into high gear, the neighbors can still sleep soundly.
They have recently received the F. Hughes Neely Earth Preserver Award in recognition of their outstanding efforts to reduce energy consumption and preserve natural resources.

Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad

The need for a larger and more efficient building prompted the Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad to look at the option of building a brand-new one on their present site. As the plans were being drawn, the members began looking at insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and their benefits. They felt strongly about two benefits: energy savings and the sound barrier created by the walls. After consulting with the Town of Vestal Engineer, they drew up the plans.
The 2 story building has 10" frost walls and 8" exterior walls. The garage area is 4,488 square feet with 13' high walls. The crew quarters span two floors that are 4,224 square feet with 18' high walls. Radiant floor heating provides warmth not only to the crew in their quarters, but also in the garage area.
The application of ICFs for the squad building proved to be beneficial not only for the crew, but also for the surrounding residential neighborhood.
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Pierce Residence

Originally, the 2,000 square foot house was designed as a log home. However, when the Pierces' saw the benefits of building with insulated concrete forms, they changed the plan.
The homeowner was interested in saving time initially. Then he found that building the house with IntegraSpec insulated concrete forms, all the way to the roof, also simplified the process. It also eliminated the need for studs and insulation. The energy savings, the warm, consistent temperature throughout the house, and the freedom from outside noises will give the family many years of enjoyment.
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