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New IntegraFB Product Line!

IntegraSpec launches its new IntegraFB product line!!! We are very pleased to announce the formal launch of our new IntegraSpec Foam Board line – “IntegraFB”.

The IntegraFB are foam boards made of very high quality expanded polystyrene [EPS] and available in various thickness / R-values, sizes and low extremely high compressive strength. Over the years, we have had somerequests for insulating foam boards and, even if our IntegraSpec panels can be also used under concrete slabs or in retrofit applications; the IntegraFB product line now provides a more cost efficient solution to insulating almost everything and in any type of construction and / or renovations such as: footings, floors, walls, ceilings & roofs, driveways, pools, patios, garages, slab on grade, warehouses, factories, coolers, freezers, barns, pet shelters, man caves and the list goes on!

Another exciting product is our “IntegraFB HydroPx”, which is a specially designed shape molded foam board for insulating hydronic / radiant heated concrete slabs. The foam boards incorporate a pattern of foam protrusions for the easy placement and fast securing (no tying or stapling) of the hydronic plastic tubing (at every3” [76mm] both ways). This foam board insulation may also be used inverted for providing an air space for Radon gas control under slabs or even for sub floor / retrofit applications.

Also available upon request are laminated EPS foam boards, either with reflective foil (one or both sides) or with an air barrier which can be ordered in various thicknesses / R-values and compressive strengths.

We are really excited with the addition of our IntegraFB (Foam Board) product line which complements our IntegraSpec ICF and therefore completes the Green Building Envelope to maximize the energy efficiency of buildings and to further comply and or exceed LEED – Net Zero – Passive House – Zero Energy Plus requirements / standards. 
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